" At 66 I started ”doing” Pilates with Chris some 6 months ago. Now I feel fitter, the thoracic back stiffness I had for 30 years is no longer a problem. I am striking the golf ball better, I have lost weight without consciously going on a diet, and I just feel better!Over the years I had tried the gym, swimming and walking but they didn’t work and I gave them up.

My routine now is now a daily session of Pilates at home first thing in the morning while simultaneously watching the news. Chris comes and “checks me out” once a week and progresses my exercise regime. An Olympic athlete I may not be but I am a lot more supple and stronger than before I started the routine. The exercise is enjoyable."


" After intending to book just a few personal training sessions to introduce me to Pilates, I have now been enjoying weekly sessions for a couple of years. Originally I wanted to improve my posture and tone up and as well as meeting my original aims I now have increased my strength, flexibility and energy levels. The training is personalised, tailored to my specific needs with lots of variety and Chris manages to motivate me to work at levels I didn’t know I was capable of and the best thing is it fits into my busy schedule and is fun!

I can't recommend personal Pilates training sessions highly enough."

Jo Ashley

" Where would I be without Pilates Personal Training? Stressed, lacking any core strength, having a poor posture and still trying to shift my pregnancy wobble! I really enjoy my sessions. They were particularly valuable to me during my pregnancy with sessions tailored to each stage of pregnancy. With Personal Training I feel that my health and fitness goals are well considered making each session a challenge."

Amanda Versey

"I took up Pilates on recommendation from the Pain Management Centre at my local hospital after severe back problems. Chris worked out a programme which started off gently to see how much I could achieve and within just a few weeks my back pain was less than in the previous ten years and I am now playing golf again, several months earlier that I could ever have hoped.

I am also convinced that Pilates has made a huge difference to my every day well being, and with the continuing support and ongoing programme that Chris is suppling, I am growing stronger and feeling fitter all the time."

Peter Green

"Over the last year or so I have had a lot of problems with my back, I spent weeks in physiotherapy to help me get a fairly normal day to day life, but it was recommended to me by my therapist to improve my core strength using Pilates...

Once my back was at a comfortable level I took their advise and as luck would have it I met up with Mr Chris Hunt. As I had hurt my back before doing a Pilates class at my local Gym I was very nervous of going into this beginners class but Chris was fantastic. Having enjoyed the class and feeling very comfortable with a guy teaching me I asked Chris about private sessions. During our first Private session together, Chris wanted me to go over, in detail, about my back problems so he could assess my level of fitness, which at that time was nil! Chris helped me improve my core strength within weeks, and he has now given me the confidence to train harder but more importantly I have not had any back pain for the 9 weeks that I have been training with him. I now see him on a regular basis, and he is slowly upping my levels and pushing me onwards."

Deb Cordery

"I have been doing Golf Core Strength Pilates for about six weeks. My golf swing has become slower more accurate with much more power, by using my new core stability.

At the end of a class, despite working your core and all the body really hard, you will feel relaxed, recharged, and ready to take your controlled core on to the golf course with confidence."

Pauline Boswell

"I had tried Pilates classes previously but always found them a bit intimidating and I was never sure I was doing the exercises properly. I was keen to try again - mainly for body toning and improving my posture. Chris Hunt was recommended to me by a friend and I am now having weekly sessions in my own home and have seen great benefits very quickly. Chris explains every exercise simply and clearly and knows just how hard to work you for maximum benefit and enjoyment.
I can't recommend him highly enough."

Jo Ashley

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